Why Gestalt?

The web empowers creators to build and share their craft with the world. It's become the foundation for new forms of value exchange to emerge, leading to further innovation through new technologies and tools. Layers of abstractions aimed to ease the process of building, which paradoxically made it more overwhelming due to the number of options available. Crafters often spend most of their time figuring out the right tools for the job and setting them up to have an integrated experience. They struggle to gain creative momentum, and that's necessary for great ideas to flourish.

Gestalt builds upon simplicity to create a space for crafters to gain building momentum. We are a framework for building desktop and web apps and sites with web technologies. We make simple things simple, and complex things possible, and we achieve so through a set of defaults, conventions, and abstractions that conceptually compress intricacies. You'll experience the same throughout our documentation. We refrain from using terminology and concepts that might make you feel like you don't know enough. We understand complexity to offer an easy and enjoyable development experience. You are the creators; we are the plumbers.

Furthermore, we are a framework that builds for the long term.

In a fast-paced world, where more frameworks favor short-term and somewhat clickbait-like and investors-backed experiences, it's becoming impossible for crafters to settle on a technology stack that can sustain their ideas over time. We slow down to let ideas arise and click to form a long-term vision we can execute on. Shortcuts have no space in the project, and every new building block or idea is well architected and tested before being integrated with the rest of the framework.

If you want to enjoy building web and desktop apps, and sites, Gestalt might be your framework.

Work in progress

The framework is currently being worked on. We'll update the documentation as the project evolves.